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The Process

Locally owned and as authentic as Barbecue can be!!!  Every recipe is our own and made from scratch.  This includes rubs, barbecue sauces and sides.  Smoked meats offered include different variations of pork, brisket, chicken, turkey and salmon but we have also smoked wild game, goats, lamb and whole pigs at the request of our customers. The wood used to smoke the meat is local black cherry.  It is hand selected, cut and split by the pitmaster himself.  You’ll have a tough time finding a BBQ company that puts the time, effort and love into such a process and the final product is proof of that.  We’re repeatedly told it’s the best but we want you to be the judge of that!

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"Q"uesday Night Pick Up

Craving mouthwatering barbecue that’s fresh out of the smoker? Look no further than Lucky Kentucky BBQ’s Tuesday Night “Q” Pick Up! 

Step into our hidden gem tucked away in the garage, where the food trailer fires up every Tuesday night. With the smoker right outside, you’re in for fresh, ready-to-eat meals straight from pit to plate. 

Imagine the aroma of barbecue wafting through the air, accompanied by laughter and chatter. Whether you’re flying solo or bringing the whole crew, our Tuesday Night Q Pick-Up promises an unforgettable evening filled with flavor and fun.

Don’t miss out! Mark your calendar and click through to discover more about our tantalizing Tuesday night experience at Lucky Kentucky BBQ. Your taste buds will thank you later!

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Full Service Catering

Whether we’re catering weddings or rehearsal dinners in our Lucky Kentucky BBQ chef coats or setting the smoker up on site for a house party, block party or field party, we’re sure to make your celebration that much more memorable.  We cater small and large business luncheons, meetings and corporate affairs and have set up the Lucky Kentucky BBQ Food Trailer for multiple companies, schools and public events. We’ve supplied our one of a kind Q for sports banquets, award ceremonies, grand openings and celebration of life.  Our services will make the planning of whatever it is an easier process for you.

Drop Off Catering

If you’re celebrating a holiday, birthday, graduation, retirement, baptism, sporting event, company party, business luncheon, corporate function or just a gathering of friends and family, we offer drop off services.  You select the menu that best suits your party, and we’ll deliver it roughly 15 minutes prior to when you plan on serving to ensure freshness and maximum quality.  Once we set it up, we’re out the door and your guests can indulge in BBQ so good, they’ll want to slap their…   Well, you know how it goes.

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Cold Kits/Warm Up

In a pinch and need something quick?  We offer cold kits that include chopped pork, mac & cheese, spoon bread, coleslaw, BBQ sauces and buns.  These are precooked then frozen but don’t let that frozen word scare you.  It warms up to be as tasty as if it were straight off the smoker.  We try to always keep these readily available so reach out anytime you need to feed a small group of people and don’t have time to cook yourself.  An hour and a half in the oven and you have a meal that would satisfy Scrooge.  Good for 10-15 people depending on portions but we can prepare larger pans with a week’s notice.

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Food Trailer

The Lucky Kentucky BBQ food trailer is our swiss army knife.  We can set up at festivals, house parties, block parties, golf outings, schools, businesses or just any old parking lot that allows it.  The menu is limited compared to the catering options but the convenience sometimes makes it the best choice depending on your event’s details, expectations and space.


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